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Yamaha Used Piano

Yamaha Piano was first seen in the 1900. Today, over a century of establishment, Yamaha has now grown to be one of the world’s leading piano manufacturers, earning a reputable name that most of us can count on. Every one of us, even our children are familiar with the name Yamaha.

Being a trusted partner to our piano supplier cum specialist, we, at Piano Malaysia are now offering you a wide range of reconditioned/used Yamaha piano for sale shown below.

yamaha upright
Yamaha Upright Piano
yamaha grand
Yamaha Grand Piano

Kawai Used Piano

Kawai was founded in the early 1900s. Since then, Kawai Piano are famous for its finest hand-craftsmanship, a combination of both innovative design and advanced technology built within a piano, making them one of the favorite choice for pianists around the globe.

By partnering with an experienced local supplier, Piano Malaysia is now offering you a wide selections of reconditioned/used grand and professional upright Kawai piano for sale at an affordable price.

yamaha upright
Kawai Upright Piano
yamaha grand
Kawai Grand Piano